The sky outside

my lecture hall was blue. My students inside the lecture hall were not. They sparkled… Happy day!



Waiting for…

a family visit in the hot summer sun of Oslo. Watching the blue, blue sky in quiet solitude I wait for the disturbance of voices. This week has been too silent, silent, silent. Some disruption is welcome. There will be sounds in my house; discussions, singing, the sound of papers read with coffee cup clinks.

Now, while anticipating life to stop by, I draw myself waitingImage

Vacation time…

is nice. Quite the understatement, but I am oh so content today. Lazy, lazy days…



Monday, Monday…

First one in a loooooong time, were I have had time to just sit and think. Which is probably why I got all sentimental and “teenagy”. The result is uncensored rambling. I made myself cringe as I read the result. I drew instead…


I know! The sentimentality of Bad, bad poetry! is enough to drown you, however I am lucky to have my “self sarcasm” to float me…

What more do you need for your Monday, Monday…


Sitting on the bus

I realise that the heavy smoker sitting behind me is a strong believer in the Power of Perfume. However it is a sad fact that in the battle between the smell of heavy smoking and the heavy application of perfume there really is no winner – at least not from my currently miserable point of view



Listening to

Twelve year olds celebrating the end of school. I an happy to be outside the impact area of that particular explosion… Boom goes the hormones!



Quote of the day…



Ta-ra-ra bom-di-ei, Ta-ra-ra bom-di-ei

That must be the most apt quote of my day so far…. But it has to come with my bom-di-ei dance.